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    Students attending class outside on Putnam Rock

    Experience UW-Eau Claire

    At UW-Eau Claire, your brilliant mind will drive you to explore worlds unknown, color outside the lines and care for others with deep compassion. You will be challenged to step outside your comfort zone time and time again.



    At the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, we redefine the college experience to prepare you for success.

    We do not shy away from pushing boundaries. At UW-Eau Claire we rewrite the written, achieve the unthinkable and invent the unimaginable. We believe an open mind not only opens doors but unlocks brilliance and transformation. At the heart of every Blugold is compassion. And when we embrace our differences, change our perspective and work as a team, we are a force to be reckoned with — anything is possible.


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    Campus Life

    Your home away from home

    Value of UWEC

    Exceptional academics at an affordable cost




    Muriel Metko in the Chemistry Lab

    Inspiring dreams

    Biology student Muriel knew she wanted a career in medicine. And when Dr. Phillips asked her to join his team she discovered a new passion — research. But it wasn't medicine or research that brought her here.

    Find out what drew Muriel to UWEC
    Black Male empowerment in the United Kingdom


    Liberal studies student Jalen's perspective changed when he examined the higher education experiences of black students at predominantly white institutions in the U.K. and learned that men in the U.K. do not feel as marginalized as those in the U.S.

    Read more about Jalen's research
    Blugold Kyler Lueck is a national champion in track as well as a mental health advocate.


    When graphic communications student Kyler realized his mental health was suffering, he put college on hold. With support from his family and UWEC, Kyler faced his issues head-on and less than a year later found himself back on campus and thriving.

    See how Kyler overcame mental illness

    UW-Eau Claire is a university living up to its full potential by offering opportunities for its students to produce excellence. Pushing its students towards new experiences, exposing us to the problems of the world, and preparing us with critical thinking skills so we can be part of the world’s solution, not the problem.

    Austin Northagen English Critical Studies


    LGBTQ friendly campus in WI


    participate in study abroad/immersion experiences


    in undergraduate collaborative research

    Photo of student researching in lab as part of Mayo Clinic and UW-Eau Claire partnership

    Improving our future: Mayo Clinic Partnership

    Participate in research, drive innovation and improve patients' lives alongside world-renowned Mayo Clinic professionals. This ground-breaking partnership aims to break outside the traditional confinements of what is scientific research.

    Learn more about our Mayo Clinic Partnership


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